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Actress and comedian Ashlie Rhey began her career with Wilhelmina Models. Since that time she has appeared in numerous and varied productions. She also created, directed, produced and starred in Daisy Power...

...if you love Web serials, or the idea of Web serials, please try the following."
Virginia Heffernan - THE NEW YORK TIMES

"keep those Daisy Power episodes coming... they're a hoot!"
Jonathan Maberry - Consulting Producer Disney ABC TV

Ashlie has followed a life long interest in alternative medicine, spiritual growth and the healing arts. She is a Reiki Master, an L.M.T. and a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She also studied at the School for Enlightenment and Healing and follows a path of personal transformation. Ashlie shares this background in her 'profoundly ridiculous' stand up comedy show for the spiritual but not religious; Sanctimonious Comedy.

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ashlie rhey official website home page ashlie rhey official website home page